Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Reality check, please.

Like many people right now, I'm not working. This has mostly been by choice, which is much different than the average out of work American and I am quite grateful that this is the case. Of course, the reason this is possible is that I live in my parents house and pretty much have exhausted my credit cards for the modicum of enjoyable socializing that I get to do. That being the case, I figure I just might have to bite the proverbial bullet and return to the wonderful world of waiting tables. I had already thrown my hat back into that ring in January to deafening silence as most places were not hiring. This time of year that would be common even in the most positive of economic times, but right now it's obviously much worse. So even though I have fifteen years of server experience, have actually managed even, there have been no bites so far. I did have two interviews at one place but they informed me after the second one that they weren't actually looking to hire. Well, what an enjoyable time to have those interviews, thanks! So now I've been scouring the craigslist for possible future work and applying to the jobs that I have no chance of getting just to make my mother happy. She of course thinks I could do anything if a place would give me a chance, but she seems to not realize that there's probably a thousand applicants ahead of me who just may have those pesky little advantages like meeting the actual requirements of the job itself. Can't say I don't try though.
So in the meantime, I continue to pen my non-fiction tome about horrible dating choices, all the while pursuing future book fodder by belonging to both eHarmony and Admittedly they have yielded a few doozies. Guess that means the sequel is already writing itself. And all I need is a few hours a week to make a few bucks. The no rent issue at least allows for some flexibility. Of course, I hope to not be living with my parents through the rest of my 30s. We shall see.

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