Sunday, March 8, 2009

Giving the rest of you ladies a bad name

So I met a girl on match a couple of weeks ago and we emailed back and forth. Shared a similar sense of humor, which is a tough thing to find in my case so I was very interested in going out with her. Didn't hurt that she was easy on the eyes. So we move on to the texting and it's going fine. Earlier this week we agreed to go out tonight, but not with particularly solid planning beyond the night. No time or place chosen, that was something I left up to her. Last night I texted her to see if we were still on for tonight. No response. This morning I text a little good morning message just to make contact. No response. This afternoon I text a joking without a time and place how are we supposed to meet up message. No response. Should I have been calling at this point? Am I in trouble because I didn't text her the last couple of days? Or could something have happened to her? Or is she just crazy? I realize I'll probably never know what happened or didn't happen. Luckily there's many more women online. Still, I was pretty disappointed overall. Thought I might have had something with her. Oh well.

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